Tuesday, April 13, 2010

School Hols, Hair Dye and Card-making...

So the school hols are more than half over already - where did THAT time go?! I have been at home with J, and I had a huge list in my head of the things I was going to get done while at home. Note I said things I was going to get done... I haven't gotten many of them achieved so far, dammit.

Although, having said that, I got one thing done that wasn't even on the list - my hair! The hairdresser down the road from here is doing a half price special so that their apprentice can get experience doing colours. So I got foils and a cut for $44. Bargain!

One of my scrappin buds just moved into a new house on Friday - so exciting for her! I went for a grand tour on Saturday morning - it's just lovely, and so perfect for them. Here's the card I whipped up before I went...

What have you guys been making lately?

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Anonymous said...

Cute card Becks!

I know what you are saying, I was gonna pack my stuff for Taupo on Sunday, but the came and went with no packing in site.

Looking forward to Taupo, need to plan some hijenks on the other girls!!! :) Catch in Taupo roomy

topkatnz said...

2week school holidays go soooo fast - I have given up promising catch-ups etc, hardly ever get it all done.