Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ahhhh, it's the WEEKEND!

Thank goodness for that! Last night I managed to get the last post done for the Crop.... check it out here.

This week has been a long week, I've been shattered tbh :) It took until Friday morning for me to feel like I was catching up after last weekend, and I have only just finished unpacking! Not to mention that I got bitten by something, probably a spider, on Wednesday. So I've got a pretty ugly welt on the front of my left shin, and a sore leg. Oh joy.

So THIS weekend I have washing and housework to catch up on, cos none of that got done in the past week... oh and grocery shopping. Anyone wanna swap? No really..... anyone?

No? Right, I'd best go do it myself then!

Toodles, B x