Saturday, May 29, 2010


Did anyone follow American Idol this year? I haven't watched an entire season since Fantasia won, cos that woman just annoyed me so much with her oversized mouth, but THIS season has been AWESOME.

I watched the entire extravaganza on Thursday night. There is really no other word to describe it. The two hour show with all the top 12 in was just incredible. Seriously incredible. Check out this YouTube link. Imagine being in the top 12 and getting to sing with The Bee Gees, Bret Michaels, Hall & Oates, Joe Cocker, Christina Aguilera or Alanis Morrisette... how frickin cool is that? Even the tribute to Simon Cowell with all the former Idols and finalists was awesome. I was starting to feel emotional by the end of it!

But as always, once I finally decide which finalist I want to win, the other one gets it. Bugger it all! Granted, the two of them were both great, but I truly think that Crystal was amazing... a complete individual, not afraid to be different, with a fantastic voice and a beautiful soul. I am sure we will see more of her in the future. Seriously, how can you listen to this and not get goosebumps? Un-frickin-believable. So, so talented.

Think I might go and check out iTunes for that Crystal track...

Toodles, B x


topkatnz said...

I had every intention of watching this one - I too haven't watched for years! - but, it was too hard to follow anything with houseguests etc every night ... sigh ...

flanz said...

Hi ya Becks
Yes like you we were hooked watching the 3hr finale of Idol. Sean was gutted that Crystal didn't win, but i guessed he would as he seemed to have the bigger following, however I would have loved to have seen Siobhan and Crystal in the finale. Not to be, hopefully she will still make it.