Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in...

Well, this week was another good'un... Loss for the week 1.3kg, running total now 3.5kg.  FANTASTIC! 

A nice surprise, given that I was on enforced rest, and unable to exercise since last Friday.  Must have helped that I was off my food and missed a couple of meals.  Just don't tell my leader that, ok?!

And speaking of last Friday, Dancing on Ice has now finished :(  What am I going to do THIS Friday night?  I will be at a loss without my weekly dose of glamour and excitement. And no, I'm not kidding!  Although I was super pleased that Hayley and Dan won - they were my favourites right from week one....and their Bolero?   AWESOME.  No other word for it.  Hayley and Dan put Gary and Maria to shame.  No contest.  So now, I am lusting after this at

Even with shipping to NZ, it will only cost about $32.  Not bad.  Especially for a 3-DVD boxed set.  Seasons 1, 2 and 3.  (We have just had season 5 here).

I have been working on a little sewing project this week, which I hope to finish tonight and reveal once complete.  for now, it's a secret! 

Anyhoo, must dash, lunches to pack, school drop-offs to be done, work to get to.  Ho hum. Toodles,


topkatnz said...

mmmm, that boxed set would be cool(excuse the pun!LOL).$32 = GOOD VALUE! Congrats on your brilliant weigh-in!go you!!!wahoooooo!!

Green Thistle said...

Way to go sweet! I hope your enforced rest wasn't for anything too horrible.
I thought Gary was reasonably good...but Hayley definitely had the x-factor to her dancing. I only tuned in in the last few weeks so didn't really have a fave although I was plugging for Gary as he's from The Bill which I watch.

mandyb said...

well done on the loss!!

as for the dvd...sounds like a great deal!!!

Bronwyn said...

Wat to go Becks you are going awesome

Josh Healy said...

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