Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Much better this time...

...thank goodness :)

I went to weigh-in tonight with a touch of trepidation.  I've been on Prednisone for the last week to try and shake a really nasty cough, and the doctor warned me that it may not do me any favours on the scales.  So I dragged myself along to WW, expecting nothing brilliant, but hoping like crazy for a good result.  I have been eating SO much better, and even getting off my butt and exercising a little.  Luckily all my hard work this week has paid off though... Loss of 1.9kg!

I have decided that the key (for me, anyway) is preparation.  If I have to grab something in a hurry, I never grab the right things.  That's just me.  BUT if I make the time in the morning to make myself a tortilla wrap for lunch (with hommus, shaved chicken, celery, red onion and baby rocket leaves - yummo), and prepack myself something for morning and afternoon tea, then I eat well all day.  If I get tempted to slip, then the gateway is open for all kinds of disaster!

So I decided to get myself a treat on the way home from the meeting.  But not in the way that you might think.  Oddly enough, this chocoholic chick didn't stop off at the dairy for a chocolate bar.  I went to New World and bought myself a WW frozen meal, and a WW dessert!  Satay Beef Wrap (Beef, Rice and Green Beans in a Tortilla) for tea, then a pottle of Butterscotch ice-cream for dessert.  $8.44 for both, and each has two serves in it, so I still have yummy treats in the freezer for another night.  Bonus!

On the crafting front, Mum and I spent some time tonight doing the tissue/gesso thing on a couple of 12x12" canvases which we are going to colour-up and decorate tomorrow, so more on that then.

For now, it's bedtime.  I am tired.  Although it's a good, healthy tired.  If that makes sense?!



Anonymous said...

Good on ya Becks
- Well done


topkatnz said...

Wahoo!! Sorry to hear you have been sick though - hope you're feeling better now.

mandyb said...

YAH what a good week!!! and yeah enjoy the desserts!!!! i have something quite regulary!!!!

Green Thistle said...

Go girl! 1.9kg is fantastic. Have fun with the canvases....I wanna see the results!

ipoly az said...

Un saludo desde España