Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I said I'd be honest.  Well, I went... and it wasn't GREAT, although at least I know why.  I put on 100gms.

My leader went through my tracking journal.  'You never tracked last Wednesday night/Thursday?'    'Oh' says I.... 'Thursday was my birthday, and um.... it was my last hurrah, as it were'

To be honest, I ate a HUGE morning tea that day, followed by lunch, then afternoon tea with friends (that included a BUCKET of wine), then takeaways for tea...  Mmmm.  Possibly lucky that I didn't put on MORE, in hindsight.  Man, why is it so easy to put it on huh?

So next week I expect great things.  No excuses.


mandyb said...

yes it can be hard....but i have a rule for me....have half... (a piece/slice) otherwise I may binge!!!!! and then I choose a better take away option....subway or sushi!!!!
on those days i do extra exercise 9and following day)and als drink loads of water!!!!
hang in can do it!!!

topkatnz said...

It's always the absolute hardest at the start - feels like your throats been cut! but my bet is that you'll take this gain and kick it firmly into touch for next time cos. you're probably just a tad peeved at yourself right about now! Go girl - know you can do it! remember though, break that big number down into smaller bites, and just do your best:)