Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bit of a catch-up...

So how are y'all? I have been sick. Yep, I got the MAN FLU. Seriously. I did. I even had a day off work, where all I did was pretty much sleep all day. Really, who does that when they pull a sickie off work? I mean, don't you usually pull a sickie so that you can get some scrapping/sewing/reading/tv watching done?! Nope, not me. Honest, I slept. A lot. How dull of me. And even now, 5 days into my antibiotics, I am still coughing like a mad thing, and have a nice gravelly voice that's about an octave lower than usual! SO not cool.

Mum and I are off to SENZ on Friday morning. She's taking three classes, and I'm taking two. I'm also hoping to catch up with two bloggy friends IRL for the first time - see you soon Heidi and Mandy! Should be fun - haven't had a girly trip away with my Mum since we went to a Chch SENZ about two years ago. And one of the best things about SENZ? There are lots and lots of other ladies in the same room as you, ooohing and aahing over paper and glitter and other assorted goodies, just like you! No-one thinks it's odd if you talk to yourself about whether or not that cardstock will match the patterned paper you already have at home! When I was at SENZ in Auckland last year, it was SO funny when the shopping started on the Thursday night. There were all these women waiting to be 'released' into the arena, and when we were given the word, there was this rush of excitement, mixed with panic, and all these ladies running (yes, RUNNING) from stall to stall yelling 'look at this, Sheila, what a bargain' or 'wow, I've been wanting one of these, perhaps I should buy two?' !!! Ha ha ha!

So tonight, instead of tidying my scrap table and packing my tools, I've been trawling through the photo files on my desktop as a form of procrastination! I found these ones of a card I made last month for my friend Rach (yep, that'd be the same person as my dealer Rach!). She has a thing for these lollies called 'Strawberry Bricks' from the dairy round the corner.

The card itself is pretty simple. In fact I knocked it together in about 20 minutes. I was on a bit of a timecrunch that day. Black and white spotted paper was sewn onto a pink mat the same size as my card front. I punched a border with my Fiskars Apron Lace punch from the same pink Bazzill cardstock and laid that across the middle of the card, overlaid that with a couple of layers of tulle, then hot-glued the fabric flowers (rolled fabric, kind of 'scrunched' together) and hand-cut felt leaves over the top. The finishing touch? A tiny tag held in place with a pink heart pin. Cute, I reckon!

Too easy! This is typical me... make a card at the last minute, in a rush, and just 'chuck' it together. I like fast, simple styles. When I try to spend time beautifully colouring a stamped image and placing it 'just right' on a carefully constructed card, it takes me AGES, and I'm usually not happy with the end product. Go figure. Think I'll stick with the fast and furious method from now on!

Might go and see what else is stored on the computer that I haven't blogged about yet...

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mandyb said...

love that card and the cute childhood piccy!!!!
see ya at senz too!!! wahoooooooo