Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am thankful.  I am lucky.  I have a great family, a good job, a nice house full of nice things.  And I have friends.

Last week I turned 36.  I know, some of you say that I'm just a spring chicken.  And I guess that I am really.  Last week I also made the decision to sign up at Weight Watchers.  It was a hard decision to make, which might sound silly, but sometimes it's just easier to be fat and happy, you know?

I know that I won't always eat ALL the right things, but for now, I am trying.  Really, really hard. 

So this week, I ask you, my family and friends, to support me on this journey.  It's not going to be easy.  Please don't be offended if I turn down a wine, or something yummy to eat.  But also, please don't judge me when I DO have a wine, or a piece of cake.  I have probably allowed for it in my daily points allowance.

This last week has been hard.  I went out on Monday night and was surprised by some friends with a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake for supper (for my birthday).  I had to politely decline.  I have felt bad about it ever since.  But I need to try and stick to my guns.  It's too easy to give in.  To give up.  That's why I decided to let you know what I am doing.  I was going to 'go it alone' and not tell anyone.  But I think that is the wrong way to go about it.

Tonight is my first weigh-in since signing up.  If I'm being totally honest, I'm a bit anxious about it.  Here's hoping it goes ok, and that I'm on the right track.  I did Weight Watchers when J was a baby, and it worked then, so there's no reason that it shouldn't work for me now.  Although this time, I have a LOT more weight to lose.  30.2kg to be precise.  I know, it's a big number huh?  So here, on my blog, I will try to be honest and let you know how things are going.  I figure that if you lot are checking on my results each week, then there's plenty of incentive to try harder, right?  I'll be back tonight with the results.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you sweet. Just had a chocolate bar but I swear it will be my last until Christmas. (I was going to promise until I find a job but that might be too long...) :-)

mandyb said...

ok you have come to the right person.... i am also on WW...and am about to hit my 10% loss goal...and YES it is hard. Can is say WW meals and all their other products have been my helpers...the desserts are yummo and you know how many points you are having!!! also when you get your points slide can have it when shopping!!!!
Also i write the points on the outside of the items i buy...i have a vivid nearby so i can do it when i am in a hurry.... I am also doing aqua jogging to spice up my exercise!!!!!
now if you wanna chat send me an email...
All the best!!! WE can do it!!!!

topkatnz said...

OMG - just read your comments - what??!! Anon swears off choccie bars till Xmas!!!! hey everything in moderation my dear, otherwise you're just heading towards that binge.

Anonymous said...

lol. I gave up chocolate once before for six months so I'm pretty sure I can do it. Besides I need to stop spending the money otherwise I can't feed my habit...scrapbooking. :-)
PS Can't work out why my login isn't working hence i'm showing as anon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becks, I am sad that you still feel bad bout turning down the choccy bday cake and wine on Monday cos CRIKEY I was really proud of you. You have a goal and you are going to achieve it. Im right with you.

Harringtons said...

More power to ya chick - I'm right behind you. Good luck and don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon now and then.
Sorry for missing your birthday - it's because I'm a rubbish friend!!!
All's well with us - check out the blog for Eleanor updates. We're now entering the delights of toddler tantrums - she must get her stubborn streak from her Daddy (hehehe!!).
Love to all of you, Us xx