Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally, pics of the 50s and 60s par-tay!

Ok, so here you go - this is what the inside of the wine bar/restaurant part looked like after 5 of us spent about 4 hours cleaning. Not bad!

One of the best things about having a party in an old bar, is that they have great bar fridges! Once we filled it with all of our booze, it looked just like a real one! Ha ha ha. We even had shelves to put all out spot prizes on until they were given out.

Here's Baz showing off some of his hula actions..... mmm...........
Then Sue and Norm tried to cheat at the hula competition - you can't use them on your arms like that guys!!!

Next, Barbara and her daughter had a go... that's me in the background under the spotlight at the bar, judging the number of 'turns' the hula hoop goes.... Lee did best with 6 revolutions, so all in all, we kinda suck at hula!

'Hi, I'm Rachel, your hostess for the evening' She just wouldn't leave the bar - it was HER BAR if anyone asked! Although I have to confess she was very good at making sure we all got plenty to drink :)

Here are some of the crazies at the bar.... Scott, Rachel, Lauren, Nic (obscured), Marg and Jan. Gee, do they look like they're having fun? I reckon!
After the hula excitement, I broke out "The Limbo Rock" on the iPod, and Daz and I encouraged everyone else to make dicks of themselves for meaningless boxes of chocolates! Below is John having a turn (not bad Mr McGlashan!) Note D's 'Revenge of the Nerds' outfit - yummy! He even made the pocket protector himself with some of my scrap stuff, teeeheehee...
And here's Marg showing off the moves that got her second place in the ladies competition...
Mass boogie-ing being done - a little bit later on in the evening. Fabulous darling!
And finally, here's the girls that we on the dance floor when I got there with my camera.... that's me in the middle at the bottom. Heading clockwise from me, there's Nic, Claire, Lee, Lynette, Yvonne and Sue.

So that's it, the best of a rather bad bunch of shots (but alcohol impairment will do that to ya huh?!).
Toodles, B x

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