Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just kidding!

Sorry Bridgette, but I HAD to do that! Teeheehee. Sometimes I'm so funny, I crack myself up!

So, what have y'all been doing since last week's post? Shall I bore you with what I'VE been up to? Of course I shall, because you all start asking me when my next post is going to be otherwise!

Last Thursday night D had poker night with the boys, still didn't come home with the pot, dammit! Maybe next time?! I spent the evening being the domestic goddess that I am and cleaning, tidying, laundry-ing and dishwasher-ing! (oops, I think I have just made up some new words!)

Friday was work, work, work. D finished at lunchtime so that he and brother Brent could take J to the Red Rocket for lunch and 'hang' until Brent had to head off mid-afternoon. Then the neighbours came over for a couple quiets, which was nice. We got to be grown-ups for a bit :)

Saturday was SUPPOSED to be my study day at the library... I had my family all set for me to abandon them for a day reading about Statutory Interpretation and/or Land Information New Zealand and the Personal Properties Securities Register (I know, fascinating stuff!). Last time I was at the library, they didn't close until 6pm (and that's what the sign on the door still says tbh), but at 12.55pm they turned off the lights and yelled out "we're closing" - what the ??? I was unimpressed to say the least! Upon checking out the Council website, I see that their winter hours for Saturday and Sunday have reduced from 10am - 6pm both days to 10am - 1pm Saturday and 1pm - 4pm Sunday - I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!! Try finding a nice quiet spot in a house with a 4 year old in it. Not a happening thing. At all.

So...... I ended up at home for the afternoon with my boys, not a bad thing at all, except for the lack of study being done.

Sunday was Mother's Day - did you all get spoilt ladies? I got what I wanted - a nice quiet sleep in until 9am, then breakfast in bed (which unfortunately had to be shared with a 4 year old who used our bed as a trampoline while I ate!). I was lucky enough to get a pressie too... a really super cool brag bag tote - its a huge carry/tote bag with pockets sewn into the lining that hold 6x4" photos behind a clear PVC screen - 5 slots in total. I love it - it will be ideal for carrying stuff (I mean totally useful product) to crop nights. Way cool for a scrap geek like me!

We had the in-laws visit for morning tea, then after lunch we visited my mum. The afternoon was spent chillin in front of the telly watching the V8s. Just like I like it :)

On Monday I did something different - I went to the Drama League and hired an outfit (or most of one) for our work party this Saturday... We are having a bash at the Hydro, calling it a Heartbreak Hotel party and dressing up in 50s and 60s gear. I have a cool blue rock'n roll skirt complete with bright yellow full petticoat underneath, as well as a blue chiffon scarf to wear round my neck and some lovely flat white shoes (mmm, mmm!). I just need to find a top that will do the trick.... Still looking for that.

Today was visiting day - well that's what it felt like anyway! At lunchtime I went to see Nadine and her cute wee man Olly (Nadine was J's favourite teacher at daycare until she left on maternity leave to have said cute wee man). I took them some of J's old clothes that might be useful, including a couple of FORD T's - they are hard to find in small sizes, so thought I'd 'share the love' with fellow ford fans! If I'm lucky I'll get a photo of Olly wearing one of them and post it here :)

Tonight I went to visit Charlette with some more of J's clothes that might be ok for her wee manny Brock... so you see, it was visiting day! I got home about half seven, made some vegie soup, and here I am... the day is stuffed (once again). See why I have trouble finding time to tell you what I've been up to?! (Oh and also finding time to do anything interesting enough to blog about?! ha ha ha)

So for those of you who had been wondering, yes, I am fine, yes, I am still here, and yes, as usual, I have been friggin busy (AGAIN!)

On that note, I'm gonna blow.... Till next time (yes Bridgette, that MAY be next week!), TOODLES!!!!! B x

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