Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gotta love the snow!!!

Yup, you gotta love it alright, just as long as we only get enough to play in - not enough to shut the whole freakin town down for a few days like we got two years ago!!! It was just awesome to sit inside with the fire roaring behind me and watch the snow peacefully fluttering down out of the sky.... to be honest it was a little mesmerising - there were plenty of other things I could have been doing, but I just had to keep watching it fall! This time I got plenty of pics...

D spent a fair bit of time towing J around the lawn on his boogie-board.... you should have heard the squeals of delight! Unfortunately on the downward slide there was not a lot to stop his momentum other than our wooden fence, a few trees, or my standard roses. Luckily J's a tough guy! Oh and of course there were quite a few 'wipeouts' !!!

Buzzy cat came out in the snow for a look, poor thing kept flinching every time a snowflake landed on him. In the end though, he was happy to race around like a looney tune and try to catch snowflakes falling from the sky, or snowballs being thrown by us! He was like a kitten again :)

Of course the obligatory snowman had to be built - J decided that his snowman had to be a boogie-boarding snowman... typical!

Later on in the afternoon, we went out for another play, and J had a turn towing D for a change!

As you can see the snow was still falling quite heavily as we were hanging around outside. Not to mention it was bloody cold!!!! Ha ha ha.

J (also now known as Evil Knievel) decided it would be really wise to try to ride his bike in the snow as well... He did surprisingly well actually :)

Then it was time for some practical chores - the boys cleared the front path so that we could get in and out of the house without slipping.

Although the cold weather DID provide us with plenty of time to do stuff indoors. J and I made cards for Nanny Scott - she turned 84 last week, but we couldn't go visit while J had the chicken pox and I had a cold. Anyway, we made the cards and dropped them in her mailbox, just to be safe. At that age she doesn't need sick people visiting :) Here's J at my scrap table using some leftovers to make his card for Nan...

Butter wouldn't melt..... (NOT!)

Ta-daaa - the finished products! I had a quick play with my new punch, and J made a really cute card with pictures of people on motorbikes inside...

Now we come to Sunday - check out the cheeky monkey that had to practically destroy the snowman he had built the previous day... he pulled it's hat and scarf off, ripped out the carrot nose, then proceeded to scale it like a mountain climber!...

This is the 'Cheeky Monkey' face....

And I call this one the 'cheese' face. At the moment when you point a camera at him, he either yells 'cheese' continuously, or waves his hands in front of his face giving you a big 'thumbs up' thereby obstructing his face and the general point of taking the damn photo!!!

I DID manage to get my double layout finished during the cold snowy weekend though, and I am relatively pleased with how it turned out...

Oh, and the OTHER exciting news - I won one of the Stampin' Up prizes from Nic Howard's blog last week! Check it out here Fantastic! I happily await the arrival of my slightly used (only once, mind) Stampin' Up Stamp Roller - yeah!
Well, that's about it from me peoples... I have officially now run out of things to tell you! Hope all is well in your parts of the world, lots of love and hugs from us to you. Toodles, B x


Rachel said...

Go you yay a winner!
Love the pics!! and I love the layout, just in a lovin mood! Actually that doesn't sound good does it hehe.

Bronwyn said...

Great post Becks I was really glad someone we knew actually won something well two people you and Rach how cool is that
We loved the snow too enough to have a bit of fun but not too much to be a pain
Cards and a gorgeous layout - Yipee a good weekend lol