Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ha ha ha, no really. It's true. I now have ANOTHER piggy - this one is an iPig, a set of pig shaped speakers that pay surround sound music from your iPod. WAY cool. The sound is incredible! It just arrived at work today on the courier and I love it already! I will post a picture of it tonight when I am at home.

Updated 9pm - here's a pic!

SEE? I told you it was cool!

Toodles peeps, B x


bronwyn said...

yes very cute

Sarah Mary said...

Awwww I'm so jealous that is SO cute!! He has big boogly eyes like Brutey! And how unfair that you got BNZ piggy banks, I love those piggy ads, and I asked at the bank if I could buy one and they said you had to buy the "bank in a box" thing to get the piggy :(

Love the pics of J in the snow, what was he doing to that poor snowman?!!