Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spots anyone?

Well, this is what they looked like first thing this morning, and I can assure you that there are plenty more now, and they're getting bigger and uglier all the time, poor wee man...
Yup, our house is poxed - J has the chicken pox, joy oh joy. And of course, INCREDIBLE timing, D is in Melbourne for work. Fan-freakin-tastic! D left on Sunday morning, and J was atrocious Sunday afternoon and Monday. I blamed his behaviour on the fact that he was missing his Daddy so much, but apparently there was another reason for him being such a little shit! Oops.
As is generally the case when these things happen, I have run out of sick leave at work, and with D away, I just have to wear it for now. Thankfully, D is heading home tomorrow (two days earlier than originally planned) so that he can take over the pox-sitting duties on Friday and Monday so that I can get back into the office for a bit.
Never rains but it pours huh? The good news is that I finally got my assignments finished this morning (yes, even with J climbing all over me and 'helping' me to type them out), so tonight I don't HAVE to study - I intend to sit on my arse and do NOTHING all night until I have to go to bed from the utter exhaustion of doing nothing for so long! Ha ha ha ha ha!
That's it from me for this week's update anyways. Hope you lot are all well and good - hugs from me - can you tell that I am missing the adult company?! :(
Toodles, B x


Bronwyn said...

Hope Jacob feeling better soon having the chicken pox suxs
Loving the new look Blog
Pros to having sick kid - time off work - yay
Cons - having to put up with them -Buggar and the whole guilt thing cos not at work lol

Bridgette said...

trust you to blog first on nic howards. and just reading Bo's comments and what new look blog.
shows how much notice I take, better go and have another look.

Anonymous said...

F**k you were luck not to of gotten bowled over and killed on the top of kellands hill you dumb arse

Sarah Mary said...

I love the new bright pink and the awesome photo - Kellands Hill I'm guessing? Lucky you didn't get hit by a truck you dork :p

Poor Jakey J! At least he's young so it's not going to be too bad.

Your "colours of the rainbow" page is really awesome Becks, very impressed!

XX Squirt