Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cards Galore!

Yep, I've been making heaps and heaps of cards - last Sunday I made a few tri-fold cards that hold shut with magnetic clasps, cute little bunny ones....

...and yesterday (Saturday) Nic came up mid-morning to finish the Christmas layout she started last weekend, and I started making some way cool acetate cards. Although I didn't get many made for a start, cos I was getting a lot of 'help' from J, you know "mum, can I do this?", "mum, can you do that?", "mum, can i have something to eat?", "mum, can I watch tv?", "mum, muuuum, MUUUMM" Arrrggghh!!!!! Now Nic can see why I don't get a lot of scrapping done in between crop days! Anyhoo, I shot out just before tea and grabbed some more acetate from Rach, and made a whole lot more in front of the telly last night. Now I have a whole stock pile of them for future use! Awesome :) They look sweet, huh?.....

Have to say that I'm loving the watercolour pencils that I bought about ten years ago and hardly ever used, now that I have some cute stamps to colour in! The Stampin Up! blender pen is mighty handy - find it better to used than my cheap water-pen - a little less watery if ya know what I mean!

AND I'm pretty excited about going to Chch next month - Scrapbook Art is holding two Nic Howard classes in their new store, and I'm itching to go to at least one of them. Bring it on! I'm off to go and phone in a booking now :)

Well, that's about it from me, I'm going to go away and think about Raincliff layout ideas.... Raincliff in FIVE MORE SLEEPS! Yeah!

Toodles peeps, B x
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Bronwyn said...

great job Becks