Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today I actually feel HALF human.....

...which makes a huge change from the way I have felt since Sunday night! Got home from camp (which was fantastic by the way), and just crashed. Really crashed. On Monday morning I felt like a big bag of nasty stuff, but being the trooper that I am, I toddled off to work anyway. By 11am I was coughing uncontrollably, and absolutely exhausted, so off home I went. In fact, the practice manager told me to 'piss off home' !!!

I am not usually one to moan about feeling like shite, but I have to say that this bug that's doing the rounds at the moment is NASTY. Even I considered the male "I'm dying" whinge! Oh dear. Sad but true.

After getting some antibiotics from the doc on Tuesday for a chest infection, and being put off work until Thursday (today), I pretty much spent this week in bed, either sleeping or coughing. Or coughing some more. And maybe coughing! Ha ha ha.

Back to work for moi today, and I have to confess it was a bit of a struggle draggin my butt there tbh. But off I went, lemonade, nurofen, antibiotics and cough suppressant in hand. Gotta admit it's not the best look. However, I have decided you can't win whatever you do - some people told me I looked and sounded like crap and should have stayed at home, and others hardly said boo because I had been away, and less staff means more work for the rest of them. Typical workplace attitude. Anyone else have that problem? I mean, if the doc sends you home, and you really do feel like rubbish, there's no point going to work is there? Seriously. Some people just have nothing better to complain about. Seriously. How 'Grey's Anatomy' do I sound? SERIOUSLY!

Anyhoo, camp was a hoot - our table had a few laughs. There was me, Nic (who I met at my first ever Raincliff), Nic's sister Fiona, and another newbie, Amanda. I supplied halo's for us all to wear, and the name 'Scrap Angels' kinda stuck. We ended up wearing them ALL weekend (except to bed of course!), even on a trip to the Opihi Vineyard, which actually ended up being a trip to the Point pub, for a drink with a rude name (oops). I got Rach to take some pics of us Angels together, and I scrapped a layout on the Sunday at camp, although it's not quite finished - I need to add some more bling!!!

And of course there was the obligatory camp photo as well....

The only other thing that I got done was my wedding book, which doesn't sound like much, but was in fact about 12 hours work in the making, covering and decorating seven chipboard pages and the chipboard folder they sat in.

Oh and I'm pleased to announce that Rach completed her challenge, earning her prize for doing some original work rather than scrap-lifting! Fantastic! I gave her a mini tote with a couple of small canvases in it and a heap of mini chocolate bars, which I don't think lasted long :) Bo on the other hand... No prizes for her, shame shame shame!

And speaking of scrapbooking (what else?!) I have registered for the morning class that Nic Howard is teaching at Scrapbook Art in Chch next month, and am really looking forward to that. D and I are going to stay up there for the night, J will spend the weekend with Granny Rose and Grandad Jim. We haven't been away for a night for AGES.....

Anyway, back to the task at hand.... The rest of my week has just gone in a flash, and tomorrow it's Friday again. Incredible. Ma and Pa will be driving down from Christchurch at the moment, having just flown back from holidaying with Kay and Clarke in Bli Bli. Hope they don't find it too cold back here! They're coming for tea tomorrow so we can catch up, which will be cool.

D has the boys here tonight playing poker, and from the yahoo-ing that is going on, I suspect he hasn't gone 'out' yet, so that's a good thing!

So while they have been doing the 'guy' thing, I have been doing my nails, and they look FAB. Not something I do very often, but man they look cool. Check this out...

Newsflash, newsflash - important announcement to follow.... D won the poker! Yeah!

So, that's about it from me, it's now after 11pm, and this kiwi needs to GET TO BED! Hope you've enjoyed this little catch-up.

Let me know what YOU'VE been up to yeah?

Toodles peeps, B x

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Rachel said...

Noticed the nails on the pic of your book, very cool you will have to teach me to do that (on Abby's of course as I don't have any lol)
Great update, hope you feeling a litte better each day.
Computer got a virus so been having withdrawals (on work puter at mo shhh don't tell)
Hope to get it back today with a bigger hard drive and ram to match yay!
Stay warm and get better quick