Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick update...

Ok, so I'm still a bad blogger.... but I have decent excuses, I promise! Where do I start? Well....

Last Monday I took J for his vaccinations (during which he screamed the house down), and he was up all night with high temps and being mr-super-cranky. Oh joy.

Tuesday he spent the say with his Nana due to the mr-super-crankiness of the night before. Poor Nana ended up with three grandchildren to look after by the end of the day because S-I-L Bron collapsed at home and had to go to hospital (ok now though). Oh and he was still cranky.

Wednesday Grandad ended up in hospital with fluid on his lungs, and I am STILL coughing etc so I couldn't even visit. D stayed home with J for the day because mr cranky-pants had STILL not improved. Then, by bedtime Wed, D confessed to feeling a bit like he 'd been run over by a truck. Great.

Thursday D was worse, so went to the Dr early morning and was promptly put on two inhalers, anti-b's and steroids, as well as being sent for blood tests and told to then get home to bed.

Friday I toddled off to work leaving D resting in bed, only to get a phone call at 9am from M-I-L Kae to say 'now, don't panic, but Darryl's just getting in to an ambulance now with chest pains' Don't panic? DON'T PANIC? Who is she kidding! So off to the hospital I went (rather hurriedly). They stabilised him and we were sent home about lunchtime with advice that if he felt any worse to get straight back to A&E. Lovely.

Needless to say we had a very quiet weekend! I bought J some lego on Saturday morning which kept him amused and quiet for most of the weekend - he never even asked to watch telly once. I started (and finished) another progress review on Sunday night, just before my midnight deadline. Note to self: I must get the next one done on time, first time! And J is now calling us 'The Cough Family' as we are all doing it in some form or another - it just doesn't seem to go away.

Anyhoo, that's about it from me, absolutely nothin else to report. This weekend it's Father's Day on Sunday, so by the time we hang out with the two Dads and spoil D, the weekend is pretty much stuffed before it's even started. Oh, does anyone know what I should get for the Dads? Ideas would be great, thanks :)

Best go, catch you all again soon. Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Hope you all feel better soon