Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My cat thinks it a dog, and Charlies Angels?

Yup, I think that my cat definitely thinks it's a dog. Look what he did to his catnip toy....

Seriously - check out the teethmarks in the poor little squirrel:

What kind of a cat does THAT? Not any other that I know anyway. Strange!

AND... Charlies Angels? Must be a scrapbookin-ladies-thing I think!
Check it out, me and Rach with NIC HOWARD! We're famous (ha ha ha ha!)

Oh, and did I tell you all to check out the weather station at the bottom of our street that Derek runs online? Have a look at his website here some time. It even has a webcam updating constantly, showing the view south of our place (and probably the impending bad weather before it hits each time!). Super Cool! I can check online from work and see what the temp is at home, which way the wind is blowing, or how much rain we have had. Man I'm a geek!

Anyway, THAT'S ALL FOLKS! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend - ours disappeared far too fast (evidently). I'm signing off now cos you're officially up-to-date. Talk again soon, love and hugs to you all...

Toodles, B x
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