Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jake and Diezel...

Jake had his wee friend Diezel come to play for a while on Monday afternoon - talk about a laugh! They are very similar - "Have you seen this?" "Yeah, I got one of those at home" etc... Two well loved (and slightly spoilt) little boys!!! They had a great time playing with pop-up Scoop, and with Cranium Fort that Granny and Grandad got Jake last Christmas.....

They are definitely funny little dudes.... the things they come out with...

Jake: "My Dad's got a Ford Ute"
Diezel: "Well my Uncle Karl had a Holden Ute, but he sold it"
Jake: "Holden? Dirty Holden!"
Diezel: "(Giggling a lot) Well my Nan's got a Holden and it goes FAST"

SOOOO funny! Can't half guess where the family loyalties lie when it comes to the Ford vs Holden argument eh? Ha ha ha!

Well peeps, we're just about up to date, just a couple more things to fill you in on..... more to come :)
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sarah mary said...

Haha yeah go Diezel Holden's DO go fast!!!