Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Hope that all you Dads out there have had a lovely day!!!!

Daz has done well this year - it's his turn to sleep in on a Sunday anyway, but unfortunately for him Jake was busting a gut to get in there with his presents for Daddy, so we woke him about 8.20am (which is better than 6.55am when we first got up!). He did get brekkie in bed though, and didn't get out of 'the scratcher' until half ten!!! The rest of the day flew by, with visiting Darryl's dad (I saw mine late yesterday), then I set to and cooked a tea of D's choice - Braised Lamb Shanks followed by Pav and Jelly!!!

Has everyone had a nice weekend? I had MY sleep-in yesterday, then J and I headed off to Chipmunks for him to catch up with his 5 year old mates who have left him behind at daycare to go to school. He had a blast. Then it was lunchtime, and time for the big grocery shop. Like I said before, we caught up with Daddy-Jim late afternoon, and after tea we went round to visit Darran and Heath for a few hours in the evening. J slept in his sleeping bag on their bed which was great.

Oh and I went to the Paper Plus Books'n Bubbles evening on Friday night, which was hilarious! Kerre Woodham and Mark Billingham spoke to us about their latest reads (well, Kerre's ONLY read) - she was funny (of course, to be expected), but Mark really was from out of left field - he writes dark scary crime novels, and we didn't realise until he arrived, he is also a stand-up comic. So of course, in light of that, he was absolutely HILARIOUS! Joke after joke, they just kept flowing. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants, and one of the other ladies there kept doing the laugh-snort-laugh thing, which kept setting the rest of us off too! I mean seriously, SNORTING?! Ha ha ha ha ha! Anyhoo, they were great, and for our $10 we donated $5 direct to Cure Kids, as well as getting a goodie-bag with two whole packets of Tim-Tams in it, some junk mail and a pen. I bought her book and his latest release, and got both of them signed while I had the opportunity. How cool is that?!

Well, not a lot else to report I have to say - looking forward to our trip to Christchurch next weekend, and doing my Nic Howard class at Scrapbook Art. Should be awesome! Between now and then there is more study to be had, more revision to get on with before my exams (the countdown is on now, only 6 weeks to go), and the usual cooking, cleaning and sleeping in between! I hope you all have a great week - drop me a line if you have the time :) Might go and read the Saturday paper that is still calling my name....

Toodles, B x

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