Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hi there peeps, yes, I'm still here, I haven't been run over by a bus, nor have I won lotto and run away overseas. I am still here. I have just been a bit blog lazy lately. My name is Beck and I am a bad blogger. Ha ha ha ha.

I had a fab weekend in Christchurch last weekend. Did my first ever Nic Howard class. Have never scrapped so frickin fast in all my life! I think I'll apply Nic's husband's theory next time I'm stuck - "Just stick it down!" Might make life a lot easier! Ha ha ha. Have to say it was kinda weird meeting Nic in person, I mean weird in a nice way though... I feel like I know her because I stalk her blog regularly like all the other Timmers girls, but of course I have never met her in person or had a conversation with her before, so it was weird you know? Weird but great! She signed her book for me (why not, while I was there!). Cool. We even managed to drag out the several million cameras we had taken between us and roped Darryl into taking photos for us. See?.....

Someone else out there has the silly one on their camera of me, Rach and Nic doing the 'Charlies Angels' pose. Can whoever it is email it to me puh-lease?! Fanks.

After that speedy scrapping, it was time to go cruisin round Chch. We got a few messages done, had lunch (mmm love them Turkish Kebabs), and did a wee bit of shopping. Just a wee bit mind. I did buy myself a CD set - Ministry of Sound The Annual 2008 - YEAH it ROCKS! Yee-haa! Really good 'get-off-your-butt-and-dance-around-the-room' music. I can't do housework without it!

We went out for tea at the Lone Star in Riccarton and met up with a girlfriend. Food was fab (as always) and we had a great time.

6.38am. That was the time I woke up on Sunday morning. When I should have been snoring my head off. Unbe-frickin-lievable. Sooo not fair. Darryl woke up too, but then went back to sleep and HE was the one snoring. Grrrr!!! Ha ha ha. I ended up reading from about 7.30am cos I just could not go back to sleep. NOT COOL!

We watched a bit of TV in bed, then dragged our sorry arses up to shower and go shopping s'more. We had a look at the Arts Centre market, which we haven't done for AGES. Got a really cool copper heart for Ma there, seeing as she was looking after the rugrat for us.

I also got to testdrive my future next car - a wee Ford Focus. WAY COOL! You see, I always thought I wanted a Suzuki Swift, until I drove one.... then I hated it! So, my next choice is definitely a Focus. Real zippy, quite responsive, and a whole lot nicer than the Rolls! Ha ha ha. Not that THAT'D be hard!

Well, that's about all I have time for just now... Hope you all have a great day. It's blowing a bit of a southerly at the moment out there, so wrap up warm and stay safe. Catch up soon.

Toodles, B x
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