Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And then I got the bug....

After the success of my canvas on Saturday, I got the bug, and had to do more!

Sunday morning I dragged out two old canvases I had on my scrap table and went to work with the tissue and gesso. I only had pink tissue paper, but seeing as I was going to be painting or inking it, I figured it wouldn't matter. It didn't seem to make any difference at all tbh.

J was quick off the mark and earmarked the 6x12" canvas for himself. He wanted something to hang in his room. Once the gesso dried, J went to work painting the canvas - he chose the colour himself. I helped a little with painting in some of the cracks and crevices created by the tissue.

Next, we found a silhouetted motorbike picture on the net that J liked, and I printed it and cut it out, using the 'stencil' left behind to ink the image onto the canvas with Black Staz-On. Then I used the cutout portion to cover the black like a mask, and splattered watered down paint on the canvas. Splattered being the key word - I kinda got paint EVERYWHERE. Oops. Oh well, you can't create great art without making a mess huh?

Then, finally, I typed out a few words of wisdom for J (using 1924 Type Font), printed them onto cardstock, and trimmed them before adhering them to the canvas with some foam, for a little dimension.

This is the finished product... not the best photo as I took it last night and had to use a flash, rather than being patient and taking it today in the daylight.

It says:

Always think BIG
Follow YOUR dreams
Do what YOU want

So, what do you reckon? Not too shabby for a very much 'thrown together' project!

Good TV tonight - Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice - two of my favourites. Am looking forward to it, as I have had a couple of rubbish days at home - I somehow managed to get the bot, and have been crook since the wee wee hours of Monday morning. I started with vomiting, loss of appetite and fever, and have been left with a lovely pounding head-cold. Fab. NOT. Oh well at least I'm not male I suppose - then I might be 'dying' !!!! Ha ha ha. Just jokes.

Right - time to get working on ticket and flyer design for the crop, so I can get them printed this week.

Toodles, B x

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mandyb said...

wow these are cool....love both of these canvases.... you are on fire!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks really good Beck. I cant wait to try my hand at another one.Debbie

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks fantastic Becks! I also have been inspired and have three on the go! Steph F

Anonymous said...

Lovely canvas Beck. Very inspiring and glad you are pleased with the class one now. Hope you are feeling better. - Dianne

topkatnz said...

cool stuff - WTG Beck!