Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here 'tis...

Ok, so here is the finished canvas.... after two more colour changes when I got home!

When I left the class I was a bit disappointed with the background colour. It was a pale pink-ish tone, which would have been ok, but it sorta clashed with the inked tags etc placed on the canvas. So.... when I got home (cos it was annoying me, and I couldn't WAIT to fix it somehow) I added a layer of Fired Brick Distress Ink (yup, RED)... then, in desperation, I added a layer of Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink (erm, yes, ORANGE).

And this is what I have ended up with:

Here's a few close-ups:

So now I am happy enough with it to take it to work and hang it in my office. PHEW!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great Becks
They are such good fun to do can see why you got the bug and did more
Jacob's is awesome as well

bronwyn said...

that was me comment above - lol


topkatnz said...

wow - that's fantastic - very Nic Howard!