Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Good Morning peeps! How was YOUR weekend? Ours was a bit crazy - I'm going back to work today for a rest, LOL!

Saturday morning I held a garage sale to get rid of the stuff that didn't sell at the Phar Lap market last month. Wow - what a pack of vultures we had cruising our street for like an HOUR before the start time... incredible how eager these people were to get their hands on our old crap. I mean, seriously, who sells incredibly decent stuff at a garage sale - it's all stuff you no longer want, right? I suppose what they say is true - one mans trash... So by the time that was over and done with and we did a few messages, that was Saturday done and dusted.

On Sunday D went to a trailride out at Albury, and I spent the day (until about 4pm) doing housework and washing. It was a lovely hot day to get the washing dry, so I washed the blanket and duvet from our bed. And inbetween loading or hanging washing, I was cleaning - I got all the house done, except for J's room, so that's a job for after work on Wednesday. Joy! After all that I got the groceries, then finally sat down for a bit... phew!

Last night I made this card:

One of the ladies at work asked me on Friday if I could make one for her to give to a friend of hers. Considering I started creating at about 9pm last night, I'm quite pleased with it! It's on an acetate base, and in yummy pink and green shades.

So that's that - the weekend wrap-up complete. What did YOU get up to? Let me know, yeah?

Toodles, B x

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mandyb said...

blogged about my weekend yesterday....wahoooooo was a good one

DUTA said...

Lovely card! And how nice of you to make one for your coworker!

topkatnz said...

Great looking card - love the way you used the transparency...mmmmm...garage sales are a lot of fun, but tiring too, and yes, the 'vultures' do start circling super-early, no matter what time you state! hope you did well from it.

Shetty said...

Nice... :)