Friday, December 5, 2008

Child Cancer Funrazor

Well, it's done - Daddy-Bear has (pretty much) no hair left now! They don't actually 'shave' your lid, but they give you a number 1 haircut with clippers. I got some pictures of the shave unfolding, but he was too busy afterwards getting the 'after' photo taken and talking to people that I haven't managed to get an 'after' photo myself yet! He was pretty hairy before he was shorn - he had been growing his hair and beard for a bit instead of keeping it trimmed like normal. Very hairy beard, ick! Well, here's the pics I managed to get.....

Well it was for a fab cause, and Timaru on its own had 81 people volunteer to have their heads shaved, raising over $50,000.00 for Child Cancer. Hubbards (Dad's work) raised more than $6,500.00 of that on their own, with four of them (two of whom were women) standing up to be counted. Absolutely awesome to see people taking part. I have to confess I am way too chicken to have my hair off, but I certainly take my hat of to those who did, especially the women.

I have pics of the two guys from work too, so will add them next post...

Toodles, B x
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