Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Nan....

Unfortunately in the early hours of this morning my Nan passed away.
She had been successfully on dialysis for several years to combat kidney failure, but early stages of dementia and an infection received through her dialysis meant she was transferred to a Christchurch Hospital, then a Christchurch Rest Home (as no Timaru one could administer dialysis for her - RIDICULOUS) only a few weeks ago.
Last weekend the infection came back with a vengeance, and there was nothing more that the doctors in Christchurch could do for her. We were told on Monday morning that she wasn't expected to see out the week, and arrangements were made for her to be transferred to the Hospice here in Timaru, because being back here was all she wanted the whole time she was away. She arrived and was settled in at the Hospice by 3 o'clock Tuesday, and she was gone just after midnight.
Dad had told me on Monday that he thought once she got back to Timaru that she'd probably give up, and he was so right. It was sooner than we were ready for, but the best thing for her really. And lets face it, we were never going to be ready. How could you be?
I took this photo of her just before Christmas last year (under duress I might add as Nan doesn't like getting her photo taken), so that I could make memory books for myself and my sisters.
I got Nan to write on a card which I put with the photo in a pocket of the book, along with photos and messages from our other grandparents, our parents and each other. I am so pleased now that I did that. Now I will always have a little piece of my Nan when I need it, and so will my sisters. Incredibly at my age, up until today I still had three of my four grandparents left. I only wish I had scrapbooked when Grandad Scott was around. He had the most beautiful handwriting, and probably many a story to tell too.
At least now, after 14 years of patiently waiting, she is with Grandad again, where she should be.

Elizabeth Evelyn Scott (Betty)
6 June 1924 - 17 December 2008

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Rachel said...

Beck, Darryl & Jacob

I know I have e-mailed you Beck but my heart goes out to you and your family. But had to let you know your blog post MADE ME CRY!!!! Looking at the picture's of your grandparents and your words show the great love you have for your grandparents and rest asured they will be watching over you now and will be happy to be together again.
Love to you all