Monday, December 1, 2008

ok, ok, OK!

I know, I have beaten my formerly CRAP record and nearly made it to a whole month without blogging. SORRY! So now, Bridgette, you can shut your cake hole!

I am going to do some separate posts with photos in from our labour weekend trip, but first I'll tell you about last weekend...

I went to the last crop day for 2008, 9am - 9pm. We all took food to share, and man did we have a HEAP of food to get through! Although, scarily, we managed to chew our way through a hell of a lot of it....oops.

I struggled to find my 'mojo' as Nic calls it, but once I got past lunchtime, I got into the swing of things and got two one page layouts completed.

This was just the cutest chalk drawing, so I just had to capture it on film. Gotta love that denim blue glimmer mist for colouring the flowers with.... looks awesome huh?

The eyes on your feet story is really very cute - many many moons ago when I was a wee lass (probably about 3 years old) my Dad drew eyes on my feet to help stop me from tripping over all the time - the theory being that if my feet had eyes that they would be able to see where they were going. Clever theory I reckon!

Anyhoo, J walked into the toilet door the other night, and honestly, you would have thought that his bloody feet had fallen off, the noise he was making! So, I told him the story about my Dad, and offered to put eyes on his feet. At the time he refused, but the next morning, obviously after some careful thought, he asked me to draw the eyes on his feet after all. And, being the good scrapbooking mother that I am, I took photos for future use (of course, ha ha ha!)

After I put the eyes on his feet, we phoned my Dad... well Jacob did... at 7.15am he was the only one up and about, so he answered the phone. The first thing he asked Dad was 'Guess what I've got on my feet, Grandad?" And when he told Dad about the eyes, I could hear Dad chuckle down the phone from across the other side of the room. He never realised those twenty-something years ago that he was starting a new family tradition! Ha ha ha ha ha. To be honest, I think he was stoked :)

Oh well, that brings you up-to-date on the recent past for now, so onwards and upwards from here huh?

Toodles, B x


Rachel said...

We are so lucky to have great relationships with our dad's! They are such special people in our lives, where would we be without them!

Bridgette said...

I can't beleive that Rachel updated before you did. Unf##en real. and I need cake for my cake hole I cannot cook or bake only eat