Friday, April 18, 2008

Go FORD - Yeah!!!!

Hi all, well it's the Hamilton 400 this weekend, and I have just sent D off on his way to Hamilton to spend the weekend inhaling burning rubber and avgas fumes.... I will most definitely be watching it live on tv this weekend :)

Not a lot has happened the past couple of days - I have been laid out with some sort of virus thing - nasty headaches and dizzy spells (no blonde jokes please!). Seriously, it was not very nice - I thought I was going to pass out at daycare on Wednesday morning and had to get Daddy-Jim to pick me up and take me home because I was too scared to drive. I basically spent Wednesday lying in the dark avoiding any sort of noise or light to try and make the headaches go away. Thursday was marginally better, although when I felt better and thought I'd rest in front of the telly instead of in bed, even that gave me a headache, dammit! I finally started to feel better about 4 o'clock yesty, thank goodness.

Earlier in the week was no different to any other week - Monday was work, eat, study as per usual. Tuesday was DWTS final - I so LOVE that show! The final always rocks because the finalists get to do a funky freestyle number, but unfortunately the final means it's the final - no more DWTS until next year :( I am totally bummed about that...

Anyway, I am feeling much better now, so it's back to work for the busiest day of the week. Oh and I made Green Tomato Relish last night at about 9pm...I had to try some on toast this morning to make sure it was ok - delicious!!! Sorry, rambling...

Gotta go get ready for work peoples...Toodles, B x

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