Monday, April 21, 2008

I had a hot date today....

No really, I did! My boys picked me up and we went to the Ale House for lunch - we finally got to use the voucher that Helen and Jamie gave me for doing their wedding photos.

D was at home for the day, recovering from his huge weekend away (he only got home at about half one this morning, so he was pretty tired) they came and picked me up for lunch - lovely! I don't often get to go out for lunch, especially not with both my boys anyways.

Oh, and I got started on my album for Jake on Saturday - when Blogger lets me upload photos again I will show you :)

I got one of my Progress Reviews back today - the first one for the Introduction to the Legal System so far.... I got a great mark, so am stoked - thank freakin goodness for that! Now I only have 6 more months of studying, testing, studying, testing, studying etc.... Ha ha ha!

Well, that's it for me, I have stuff to do, then sleep to be doing. Toodles, B x

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