Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here you go Bridgette!

Yes, this is specially for Bridgette, my SPECIAL (and very loud) friend!!!! Ha ha ha. I had to wait until I was past that one week deadline, just to p*** her off :)

Since my last post, well, it's been pretty much same shit different day (what's new eh Bridg?!)

Thursday night last week D had 'the boys' here for a poker night, and Daddy-Jim came along for a laugh too. I disappeared off to Ma's for a while. I hadn't been there too long when I got a charming text message from D..... "Your Dad's a f***in burglar" Oh dear! They were laughing about it by the time I got home at half ten-ish. It took FOREVER for everyone to go 'out', and was about 1am before the last of them left to go home. I think the fact that they were running out of beer helped, ha ha ha!

The next day was ANZAC Day, so I was up at 5.30am to go to the Dawn Parade with Daddy-Jim. Gem and DJ came too, and if Sarah were here she'd be there as well - a bit hard to attend from Aucks. We go every year, listen to the Dawn Parade, then go and put our poppies on Grandad Scott's plot at the cemetery. No matter how many times I hear it, The Last Post always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Quietly eerie, but very moving. There was a pretty good turnout again this year, which is getting more impressive each year - the actual Returned Servicemen and Women are few and far between these days - it was a long time ago. Just goes to show that there is a tiny little bit of patriotism still out there, which is cool.

I have to confess though that I had to have a large nana-nap later that day for a couple of hours, I am too old to cope with late nights and early mornings at the same time apparently!

Saturday was 12 hour crop day - fantastic! I had nothing planned except to maybe get more done on my address book. I got a bit more done on that, and picked out the matching cardstock shades to make the pages with, but still a wee bit more to be done on that (to be continued)

I did get two double page layouts done - one was a bit of work, the other was a copout really, just a quick chucking together of scrapbooking elements. The more involved one was a layout for J about borrowing Kaia's quadbike - I sewed chipboard shapes onto the page, inked pre-coloured chipboard letters, used dimensional magic (of course) and even managed some hidden journalling on a pull-out tag under the main photo. I am pleased with how that one has turned out :)

Anyhoo, that was pretty much my weekend - Sunday was a quiet day, D got groceries, we all went for a walk in the rain in the afternoon, and the usual sunday afternoon kip in front of the fire was fantastic! MAN I am getting OLD!!! Ha ha ha.

Right now it is Wednesday night and I have been to visit H tonight (it's her birthday). I took round her presents and we had a glass of wine and a bit of a catch-up. Really awesome - too long between drinks me thinks :)

On Friday, Sarah arrives, and we have TWO family dinners to go to on Saturday night at Benny's Again - yes, TWO! My family are going to Benny's Again for Ma and Pa's 35th Wedding Anniversary, but so are D's family, on the same night for the same reason, except theirs is the 40th Anniversary. It will be interesting juggling two families for the night.... D will sit with his lot and I will sit with mine, J will have to run between the two all night! Oh dear oh dear :)

Sunday we have the Lister boys christenings to go to, so I must go out hunting tomorrow for Christening presents x2 and Anniversary presents x2 - Ouch!

For now I spose I'd best go - it is nearly half ten and I know that the alarm will be going off at 5.45am (which rolls round surprisingly quickly unfortunately) BUT from the sounds of the rain and wind outside, I might not have to go for my walk tomorrow morning, so I might get an extra half hour in bed (but not likely)

Righto, time for me to bugger off.... Toodles peoples, B x


Bridgette said...

took you long enough, but then it;s a long blog so I have nearly forgiven you NOT!!

Bronwyn said...

where are your pictures of your great layouts we like to add them to our future layouts to scrap lift files lol
You do lead a busy life Beck