Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hiya - yes, it's Hump Day again (the day in the middle of the working week!) It's a downhill slide from here into the weekend - yeah!

I must be nuts, we are having the Newall twins for the night on Saturday as a favour for Charlette, well actually, as her birthday present - they were only born late last year. It's been a while since I had to pull an all nighter with a baby, let alone babies plural! Oh crap!

Not a lot else to report tho, same sh*t, different day in our house at the moment.... work, study, eat, drink, sleep, work, study....... etc etc etc

I did manage to get some scrapping done last night though, which was awesome. I am making an address/birthday book to sit on my kitchen bench. I have painted the edges brown and covered the mdf with periphery papers so far. It's gonna be real cool I reckon. Hope to get more done later in the week, but only after some study :)

Well, time for me to jump thru the shower and get off to work/daycare... Talk later, Toodles, B x

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