Saturday, April 5, 2008

What has everyone done today?

We have been out at Levels today, watching the Trucks, the V8 Utes, and some sidecar bikes too. J came with us, and he was SO good - he actually spent most of the time out there truly watching what was happening. Put the other kids out there to shame - they fought and argued with each other the whole time they were there, and some of them were only there an hour, we were there for 5 hours in total! Makes us realise what a good boy we really have. Is nice to be reminded about that every now and again! Here are some pics from today's action...

This was J's favourite truck out on the track... we got to see them twice today, once for qualifying, and then again for their first race at the end of the day.

Here's J taking in the action....

Believe it or not, Temuera Morrison is drving this one! In this class the drivers all have nicknames on their utes, his (of course) is THE MUSS... Ha ha ha!

This is how NOT to drive your ute.... you don't generally see two vehicles mid-race facing each other on the track!!!!

And here's the safety truck leading the Super Trucks around the track for the rolling start in their first race....

....and the Trucks getting the green light to commence racing after the Safety Truck pulls off the track

And two of my favourites, Troy Wheeler and Malcolm Little hard at it coming into Castol corner - these guys have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Good crowd-pleasing entertainment! :)

More of the same in store tomorrow, except J is going to hang out at Nana and Grandad's place just down the road from the track. He hasn't been there on his own for a while, so he probably needs some Caithness grandparent time. I plan to enjoy just hanging out at the track and taking more photos.... it's back into studying again from tomorrow night.
I figure if I dedicate enough time during the week to studying, I can have the weekends off for the most part. So this week, the study plan falls into place - two nights a week at the library, one or two lunch hours at work studying, and maybe an hour or two at night at home too if required. That should hopefully cover it.... Here's hoping so anyways. Two assessments went in this week for marking, so it will be good to get feedback about how I am doing - it's hard to know what they expect in the way of answers etc until we get some feedback either way. I only hope the feedback is GOOD feedback, not BAD!!!!
Anyhoo, it's time I dragged this butt off to bed, it's now half eleven (although with daylight savings ending tonight I suppose it's really only half ten?). I have a couple of emails to send, then I'm outta here...
If anyone is out at the track tomorrow, look me up - we're in the Talbot Forest Cheese trailer in the middle of Castrol.
Toodles, B x

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