Thursday, January 8, 2009

What DOES 'TT' stand for anyways?

Around mid-November, D entered in his first TT event, just out of Methven.  Actually, I think Clayton talked him into it!  And don't ask me what the TT stands for - I have no idea.  I'm more of a cars'n trucks girl myself, but I'm going to have to get used to this motorbike jargon huh?  It was a LOOOONG drive to get to the event, but he seemed to enjoy himself, although did complain that his bike just wasn't fast enough - are they ever tho?!  Ha ha.  Anyhoo, here's some shots of the action.  It was helluva dusty when they started each race...

And they're OFF!  Holy crap batman!
Look at my man go!  Yeah!

Where is he?  Look for the '125' near the middle of the pic.

Clayton in action - on the Kawasaki (#905)

J was pretty well behaved considering how long he was stuck in the car for to get to and from the event.  To be honest, I think he enjoyed the food he got to eat that I used to stop him from whinging!  (What an awful mother I am - oops!).  No really, he did enjoy it.  Especially seeing the wee fellas having a go.  It won't be long and that'll be him I spose.  

Righto - am off to have a cold shower cos this girl is overheating.  Back soon with more updates from the past!

Toodles, B x

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Rachel said...

way to go - love catching up on the past!
Good pic's they will be great for the boy to reminise with. (hehe ok sorry D not funny!)