Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creating Keepsakes Xmas Decoration Drop

I regularly receive emails from Creating Keepsakes, one of my favourite magazines to sit and pore through.  Before Christmas they sent out an email about a Christmas Ornament/Decoration Drop, and they were keen to see it go worldwide... So I thought, why not?!  The idea is brilliant - make your own ornament or decoration, print off a tag supplied by Creating Keepsakes to attach to it, and leave it in a public place.  The idea being that people who found them would hopefully read the tag and post a note on the decoration drop-off blog that CK had set up.  Bloody brilliant!

I made a couple of extra christmas crackers and the boys and I dropped them off at two appropriate places for us - the Hospice and the Hospital.  These two places were in our thoughts as Nan had only passed away a few days beforehand, at the Hospice.  As a complete aside, the new wing of the Hospice is FANTASTIC, and the people who work there are amazing - I don't know how they do it, but they are incredible.   Anyhoo, waffle aside, here are the pics of our drop off...

My christmas crackers

J leaving a cracker outside the Hospice

Our second cracker in the Medical Ward lounge at the Hospital.

Hopefully the 'finder' was someone who appreciated our gift.  I hope it brightened their day.  I plan to do this again next year, a little bit of kindness towards others is good for the soul :)

B x

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Erica said...

What a lovely idea! Looks like you guys enjoyed making and dropping these off. I am sure the people who found them really did appreciate them :-)
Cheers Erica