Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas at our place...

Christmas Eve at our place was pretty cruisy - got to catch up with my good friend Ange and her fiance Andy again before they headed back to Kuwait.  They had been out for her sister's wedding (which I mentioned in earlier posts).  They came and had a few drinks, and we had F&C for tea.  I got a really cool silver pendant necklace from Ange that has my name engraved into it in Arabic.  Totally awesome! D got beer (always a popular present!) and J got a way cool K'Nex set that you make into a big rig truck, which can drive!  Fantastic.  Talk about spoilt!  

Then our friends Heather, Darran and Oliver came round so that the kids could exchange presents.  I finally got J into bed about half nine.  Before he went to bed though, he'd written a note for Santa, and left him a piece of cake and a Steiny Pure -  'we can't forget the bottle opener Mummy, otherwise he won't be able to drink it'.  Seriously.  Wonder where he learnt that????!!!

And THIS is what he found on Christmas morning.  Seriously spoilt.  

Under all that paper is his little two-wheeled motorbike and all the appropriate safety gear - helmet, neck nut, elbow and knee guards, body armour, gloves etc.  It is a lot, we know, but if he was into ski-ing for example, we'd be buying him all the ski gear, etc.  Just the luck of the draw that what he loves is one of the expensive sports.  

HUGE props to Scotty at Riders HQ for doing us a sweet deal on all the gear, and hooking us up with some stickers and stuff too.  Need cool gear?  Go to Riders!  Seriously, GO THERE!

Fairly early Christmas morning, trying out the bike for size

About half nine at night, on Christmas Day, having 'just one more go before I go to bed'

My son the poser - only a mother could love this face (and even then...?  Ha ha ha)

'Once more Dad?'

He is still a little cautious and wary about the bike, but that's a good way to start out.  If in doubt while on the bike, he hits the kill switch, another good habit to have.  It will take a little bit to build his confidence on the bike, but once he's happy, the only thing stopping him will be perhaps when he runs out of fuel! :)

More laters, Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Wow talk about a manmoth catch up
You have some serious scrabooking ahead of you