Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back track a little...

Ok, so I need y'all to back track a little for me now...  with all the other things going on prior to Christmas, I never got any blogging done, and there is SO MUCH you need to catch up on (even if it IS old news!).

This year, J sent a gorgeous letter to Santa.  Being the good scrapbooking mother that I am, I captured the moment with my camera (of course!).  He really put a lot of effort and concentration into his effort:

I just LOVE that Santa apparently lives at the 'Morth Pole' now!  Ba ha ha ha.  How totally cute is that?!  Love. It.

So after happily crafting his letter, he tucked it into the envelope and entrusted it to me to send to Santa with the mail at work the next day.  Amazingly, Santa even wrote back - who knew?!  Ha ha ha ha.  I love that honest, unconditional, belief in magic.  It's a shame we lose that as we get older.  It's definitely something you can't replicate again in your life.  And definitely something as a parent you can really enjoy in your child.

Well, this post should've been about mid-December.... more to come to bring you up to date, by going backwards!  How irish is that? Mwah-ha-haaaaaaaaa!!!

Toodles, B x

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