Friday, January 30, 2009


I have been playing the last couple of nights with my new watercolour paper, and tonight J asked me to show him how I did it so he could have a go - here are the results...

Not bad for a first try, and not bad for someone who's only FIVE!!! He wanted left on his own after I had stamped the images of his choice, so he could colour them in. Then he wrote his name on them - spot the daycare boy, ha ha ha!

Speaking of that, today was the last daycare day - the end of an era after three and a bit years. I thought I was going to be staunch, but I have to confess to having to swallow back a few lumps in the ol throat as we watched him hug all his teachers as he was leaving, and promise them that he would be good at school. Ahhhh, I must have a mushy centre after all (like all good chocolates, ha ha ha).

Right, I am off to hang a load of washing on the clothes airer, then try to get to sleep nice and early (unusual for me I might add, am normally more of an eleven-o'clocker), as we are leaving at FIVE THIRTY AM to travel to Gore and back (or should I say Gorrrrrrrre like I used to when I was 9?! ha ha ha) for a Caithness family reunion. While I am there I plan to put some flowers on Mandy and tidy up her headstone etc, and take pics of the two houses I remember growing up in when we lived down there. Kill two birds with one stone :) Not looking forward to the long day much, but haven't been down that way for a while, so I guess that'll be nice. Hope I dont get carsick. Seriously. I am NOT kidding.

Right washing here I come. Have a nice weekend peeps, and catch up with you all when we get back. Toodles, B x
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Rachel said...

Way to go Jake - they look awesome mate! Good luck with the travel Beck - Be good and we will see you Monday night!