Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Awww, he's all grown up!!!

Yes, incredibly, we've managed to get Jacob to the point of starting school without too many dilemmas along the way - yay him, yay us!  Being the good scrapbooking mother that I am OF COURSE I took the obligatory 'first-day-of-school' photos!!!  See?

These were actually taken at about half past seven in the morning, before he'd even had breakfast, and before the nerves had time to kick in!  Ya gotta make the most of the opportunities ya get, right?  Right!    

Anyhoo, Jake was incredibly nervous that first morning, and told us he thought he'd never make any new friends, and he didn't know who he was going to eat lunch with, or play with, or... the list went on and on and on and on and on and on...

He was positively pumped with excitement and stories when I picked him up at 2pm though (phew) - he made two new friends, Zac and Noah, and his teacher Mrs Wood 'is real nice Mum' (how cute is that?!)

However, at some stage, as it always does, the shit doth hit the fan.... after explaining to me and Nana and Granny all about how school was, by the time Daddy got home and said "Hey Bud, how was school?" he SO did not want to talk about it anymore.  Oh dear!  Talk about the crankiest cranky thing :(

The next morning wasn't a whole lot better - there were more worries, concerns and problems.  He even wanted to go to daycare!  Ha ha ha!  And I have to say although he was happy when I met him at 2pm, he got cranky even quicker on Tuesday - like before we even got home.  Great!


He was happier to go to school this morning (Wednesday).  Some of the other kids ride their scooters to class and keep them in a little quiet room off the main classroom for the day (as they are not allowed to play with them in the playground during school time), so we took his scooter in the car, and he scooted from the car into the school grounds and into class!  Somehow, that made his day!  

When I picked him up this afternoon, he scooted happily back out of the school grounds and down the street to the car (which I parked further away to make the scooter trip worthwhile, ha ha ha).  And I have to say that this afternoon at least he was a much happier little man - alright! We might have cracked that nut, thank goodness!  I'm pleased that this weekend is a long weekend - I think he'll need a bit of a rest (and maybe Mum will too, teeheehee!)

Righto, I am knackered from working my butt off at the gym (well attempting to anyway), so I am off to bed.  Nighty night!  Becks

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