Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished (so far anyhoo)

Yup, still going according to plan....  I was at the gym again Monday lunchtime, Tuesday lunchtime, and both lunchtime and this evening.  Tonight I tackled my first Step Class.  Luckily I didn't fare too badly.... I managed to get through the whole 30 minutes without tripping over my own feet once - phew!  I only got a little lost two or three times, so that's not so bad, yeah?

So, there's not a lot else happening around here at the moment - I haven't the time!  Oh, weigh in on Monday was disappointing - only lost 200gm after all my hard work, bummer.  According to both the Trainer at the gym, and my doctor, it is perfectly normal to not lose much as you are toning up, so I guess that's ok.  The good news is that at my check-up Dr Rob said my blood pressure was the lowest it's ever been... 128/78.  Fantastic!

The rest of this week is going to go quick - I have Friday off work to go see a Plastic Surgeon in Christchurch about getting some mole-type growths removed from my face and scalp.  Saturday I have group personal training session number two to go to, and Sunday I'm off to Ashburton to visit a friend and attend her Stampin Up party - cool.

Has anyone sorted out what they're doing at camp at the end of the month?  I had intended to have a few pages planned in my head by now so that I could make sure I had all the right photos printed etc, but I haven't managed to get to that point yet..... maybe next week!!!!!  Ha ha ha.

Righto - I'm orf....  Toodles, B x

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