Friday, February 13, 2009

The Takealong Tote! LOVE IT!

Here's my first attempt at the Takealong Tote templates that I downloaded this week off the net.

It's SO quick and too cute for words! You can put the pockets on the inside, outside, or both; and the inside is just the right size for a DVD case, so imagine a DVD inside, and microwave popcorn/lollies etc in the pockets - what a cool pressie idea. I plan to try that one out VERY soon :) This one has some hot chocolates, mini marshmallows, and a small block of chocolate inside. I plan to give it to Heather, as she found out today that she will be in Jean Todd Maternity Ward until bubs arrives, whenever that may be. Poor thing. She's not due until the 23rd, but I reckon bubs will arrive before then... well I hope so anyway :)

Right - I need to make a Valentine's card for D, and then get ready to meet Ma at the gym by quarter to five, so time to move it!

Toodles, B x
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Bridgette said...

very cleaver beck you have impressed me. and that does not happen much lol