Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Meaning of Tired...

You know how sometimes you might say to someone 'Man, I'm tired'...?  Well, in the past when I have said that, I've TOTALLY been lying.  Seriously.  NOW I'm tired.  I know it's a good tired, really, but shit I'm knackered!  

Since Thursday I have been on track with my 30 Day Mission - Friday night I completed 10 minutes on a spin bike, adjusting the level up each 30 seconds until I got to level 5, then dropping back to level 1 to repeat the 30 second progression until I got to 10 minutes on the clock.  Then I followed that with 5 minutes on the step machine, then 30 minutes on the machine circuit.

Saturday morning I did another Swiss Ball class, then spent an hour and a half helping to move 5 trailer loads of wood once we had split it with the log splitter.  Today I did a 30 minute circuit challenge - kinda like a cross between doing an ordinary round of the machines and a personal training session using other gym equipment - medicine ball, skipping rope, weights etc.  

So.  Like I said, I'm tired!  To be honest, my biggest gripe at the moment is the fact that I have trouble lifting my arms above my head - thanks to playing with hand weights during the swiss ball class, and lifting 4kg on a weight bar during the circuit challenge.  For a mere pen-pusher like me, that's hard work!!! Ha ha ha.

My friend Heather has now been told that she will be stuck in the Maternity Ward until bubs arrives.  I don't reckon it'll be too long... and I'm sure that she hopes it won't be too long either!  Fingers crossed.

Right - am not going to be on the 'puter for long tonight - Grey's Anatomy is back - YEAH!  I am off to watch...

Toodles, B x


sarahmary said...

Holy crap I'm getting tired just reading about your gym excursions!! Good on ya Becks, looking forward to seeing the 'new you' in July!!

Nancy said...

You are doing sooo well with all that exercise. I'm like Sarahmary, I'm sooo tired just reading your blog!!