Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surviving School, Bacon & Egg Pie, and a Mission...

Yup, we're still here, just been a bit pre-occupied, is all :) Thus far, we are surviving the 'starting school' thing. J loves Mrs Woods. This week the letter of the week is 'C', so he took her a couple of chocolate chip cookies for her morning tea! Awwww. Strangely tho he doesn't like to actually admit that school is not that bad.  If you ask him if he likes something, or if he's had fun doing something, at the moment he always has a negative answer, no matter what.  Weird.  We know that he likes school, but he just won't admit it!  Funny little dude.

And yes, if you had smell-o-vision on your computer, you would be able to smell what I can smell while I am typing - a Bacon & Egg Pie happily baking in the oven for D's lunch tomorrow.  Mmm mmm.  Bummer I can't eat it, it smells SO good.  

I am on a bit of a 'try-and-make-better-food-choices' kick at the moment.  I am back counting my Weight Watchers points and weighing in once a week with some friends who are also trying to be good.  

To be successful, one must first be honest about one's predicament.  I needed to lose 27kg to get to my original WW goal.  Over the last two weeks I have lost 700gm and 1.6kg respectively.  I plan to confess/brag about any future gains or losses in the hope that being a bit more open might help to keep me on track.  Having said that, the Scrap Camp at Raincliff at the end of this month will be the exception to my 'only eat totally healthy food all the time' rule!  You can't go to camp and not eat chocolate, and I certainly can't scrap until 3am without my trusty Kahlua and Coke Zero!  Oh well, ya can't be all good all of the time, right?

The other thing I have done in my infinite wisdom, is sign up for a 30 Day Mission at the gym (Timaru Woman - a totally fantastic gym).  To be fair, I didn't quite know what I was signing up for, and kinda got all caught up in the moment.  As you do.  What it boils down to is that I have three group personal training sessions to attend (the first of which nearly killed me, but more on that in a minute), and 42 assigned tasks to complete within 28 days (so not sure why it's a 30 day mission, but whatever!).  Tasks involve a minimum of 20 mins, but mostly 30 mins of either cardio, gym classes or machine circuits, and have very specific instructions, thereby teaching us different ways to utilise the gym to alleviate boredom while working out.  Don't know about you lot but now that I have been going for just over 6 months, I get there and do THE SAME THING pretty much every time.  Same old warm up.  Same old machine circuit.  Same old cool down.  Same lovely shower with the gas hot water and the massage head (teehee!).  So learning how to use more stuff and to kinda change up my routines is going to be great, but they weren't kidding when they called it a mission!

Now, the personal training session.... The eight of us that signed up had to meet at the gym on Monday night to find out what our mission was.  Ha ha ha, that sounded a little like Mission Impossible huh?  This message will self destruct in 30 seconds, BOOM!  Ha ha ha.  Anyhoo, distractions aside.... Janelle handed out the mission list, let us have a read and then said 'righto, lets head outside'.  We all pretty much looked at each other like 'ya what?'.  And so it began.  We walked into town to the top of the Piazza (which for those of you unfamiliar with Timaru is a giant set of stairs from the street down to the rose gardens at beach level - see photo below).

She set us off running down the Port Loop Road, and asked us to meet her at the bottom of the Piazza stairs.  Uh-oh.  The next HOUR was spent doing various relays and shuttle runs up and down the Piazza, completing other tasks while we waited to be 'tagged'.  Other tasks being squat passes with a 3kg medicine ball, prone holds (the position you hold at the bottom of a push up) until my muscles shook, tricep dips on the bench seats, etc etc etc.  Ya get the picture? I worked real hard, I really did.  I felt freakin fantastic when I came home, but pretty much had a shower and lay near comatose in my lazyboy until it was time for bed.  The next morning was quite another kettle of fish.  OUCH!  Musta done some good, cos by hell it hurt!  Today (being Thursday) I finally have the use of my legs back without wincing when walking down stairs!  Ha ha ha.  

Oh well, all for a good cause eh?  Today I managed a 30 minute machine circuit and a Swiss Ball class.  Mission accomplished, for today.  All going according to plan, by the time my birthday rolls round I'll be ready to go on a new clothing shopping spree.  Donations to my shopping spree fund gratefully accepted!  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Right.  I have a zillion blogs typed by other people to have a looksie at, so I'm off.

Toodles, B x

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