Friday, February 20, 2009

Sliced and Diced, that's me..

Yup, the Plastic Surgeon decided to go ahead and deal to my papilloma's (ie colourless moles) today, seeing as we had made the trip from Timaru to the big smoke, special like (heeheehee).

So now I have about 5 stitches in my eyebrow, and three other open wounds on my head where he removed the growths with a sharp scalpel, levelling them off at scalp level, in the hope that my hair will regrow through the scar tissue, rather than removing all those hair follicles completely.

I was going to get D to take a photo, but he's dozing, so I might try myself and update this post if I manage. My face is a little sore tbh - I was all good until the anaesthetic started to wear off.  And I'm REALLY groggy, although admittedly I have had 10 shots of local anaesthetic placed in/aroun my head today, so I guess that explains it!

Right, I'm going to watch the end of the program I'm watching on telly (Wild at Heart).  At least it's not making me cry like a baby this week - last week they killed off a main character and I cried like a giant sooky sook.  I will attempt the photo and see how I get on.

Catch y'all laters.... Toodles, B x

Updated - photos added - WARNING, NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!....

So I think that he did a nice neat job with my stitches huh?  I get to go to the GP to get them taken out on Wednesday.

Right - I'm orf to bed, I'm knackered.  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Rachel said...

Well that will help you on Monday did you get him to weigh what he took out! I feel cheated rofl!
Seriously hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

sarah mary said...

Ewwwwwwwww! Tell the truth Becks - you were really in a bar brawl weren't you?

sarah mary said...

Oh cute fingernails by the way! B) sgfsf