Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check this out!

You ladies all have to have a look at this - it's got my curiosity up, especially given they are talking about chocolate, ha ha ha!  Ya gotta love that!

Managed to survive a circuit at the gym yesterday lunchtime, a group PT session up and down and up and down and up and down the Soundshell stairs last night, AND a step class tonight.  Nuts!

Tonight is catch-up-on-the-mountain-of-washing-night, then tomorrow night it's pack-up-the-husband night, ready for his road trip with the boys to Hanmer.

Only three more sleeps until Nic Howard classes - yeah!

Gotta go drag my tired arse outta my lovely lazyboy chair and sort some washing.  Lucky for me D sorted and washed it all, I just have to hang it.... grrrr, clothes airer season again already.  Oh well, there's worse things my visitors could see than my clean knickers drying in the lounge... at least they're CLEAN!  ha ha ha.

Toodles, B x


Anonymous said...

OMG ... did you manage to cardio throughout the movie ... and did you like it??? ... or could you not see the end properly cos of all the swaet dripping in your eyes!!LOL

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