Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is not a drill, I repeat, NOT A DRILL!!!

Seriously, I am not having you on. Darryl had a little 'procedure' yesterday (for want of a better word!). For those of you who know him, and his total fear of needles, these photos will blow you away! I'll let them speak for themselves:

Yup, that's my totally cute and very clever little sister Gemma dishing out the punishment! She has always wanted to be a tattooist (is that a word even?), and only recently bought all the gear and started to teach herself. Darryl is not the first tattoo she has done, but he IS the first paying customer - how cool is that?!
And now that it has had time for the swelling to go down....... (although it's not the best lighting, indoors at night)

This is one thing that I never thought I'd ever ever ever see Darryl do... especially given the fact he's terrified of needles. I think it's pretty cool that he let Gem be the person to give him his first bit of ink!
Righto, that's it from moi.... Toodles, B x


Rachel said...

are you mad! lol

Sarah Mary said...

Whoop whoop go Daz you big toughie!!! Lookin forward to seeing it in person, and being another of Gem's guinea pigs, in May!!

topkatnz said...

Hubby and I promised ourselves tattoos for our birthdays ... but, still dragging our feet ... do I hear you say 'chicken'??LOL