Monday, March 9, 2009

Super quick post tonight...

So much to tell, so little time - I need to get to bed!  I will elaborate more maybe tomorrow or the next day...

- I survived the Hadlow to Harbour.  Ma and I power walked the 10km in 96 mins.

- Jake biked the 10km and apparently "I biked sooo far Mummy it felt like I was biking to Africa" !!!

- I had another weight loss this week, although didn't take the money.  800gm loss today, amazing 500gm loss last Monday immediately following Raincliff.

- I was presented with Member of the Month at Timaru Woman at lunchtime today, for effort, dedication, achievement etc

- I got measured for the end of my 30 day mission today - total loss 14cm.... 4cm off waist, 4cm off hips, 3cm off upper arm, 1.5cm off thigh, 1.5cm off chest.  Fabulous!  

- I have lost nearly 5kg over the past 6 weeks so far.

- Thanks to my efforts in the 10km walk, I no longer have pain-free use of my legs! Ha ha ha.

- I received the papers for my second Open Polytech course today, and opened them up to find that my first Progress Review is due on Friday week.  Talk about starting with a hiss and a roar. 

- I received a drive through RAK today!!!

Right, I seriously have to go to bed now.... Toodles peeps!  B x

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