Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mamma Mia Movie Challenge?

Erm, yes... I have put my name down for this at the gym...  

Next Friday night, they are going to show Mamma Mia on the flat screens in the cardio room.  While we work out.  For the whole movie.  I think I'm nuts.  I'm actually looking forward to seeing if I can do it!  The plan is to be on a machine, be it the cross-trainer, a bike, a rowing machine or a step machine, and get 'moved-along' to a new station every 10 minutes.  For an hour and a half.  And THEORETICALLY we won't notice how much it (might) hurt if we are absorbed in the movie!  I'll let you know how THAT goes!  Ha ha ha.

Oh, and tonight was weigh-in night again. I forgot to tell you about last week - I won the money (for not putting on any weight, when everyone else did!).  This week I didn't lose anything either, in fact I put on 300gm, but that's to be expected when you go out for tea one night, and have friends over for tea another, and have dessert both times, and miss going to the gym because you're so busy at work....  Phew!  Time to stop for a breath! Teehee.

Well, this weekend is going to be crazy busy....

D is going to be away with his mates on a boys trip to Hanmer - a two day trail ride near Waiau.  And I am going to be spending Saturday at TWO Nic Howard classes run by Embellish It.  

Not to mention that at some stage I need to write a bunch more letters to businesses to talk them into donating to the Pink Ribbon Breakfast that I am organising, or thank them for their help already.  Check out my older posts if you want to know more about Timaru's Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

Not to mention that our spare room appears to have exploded once again, and I would like to try and find some space in there to set up my study/work from home space.  Oh Joy.

Right, that's about it from me for now.  Might go fossick through some of my scrap stuff while I watch/listen to Brothers and Sisters.

Toodles, B x

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sarah mary said...

I would have thought watching THAT movie would have made it MORE painful!!!