Friday, September 3, 2010

'Thanks' Card...

Rach was good enough to take photos of the 'Thanks' card that I made on the Friday night at Camp and email them to me, and also of the flowers that we campers all chipped in for, seeing as this was her last Camp as Charles in Charge... mmm, anyone else imagining Scott Baio right about now?!  Teehee.  I really must stop my mind from wandering like that!

Anyhoo, here's the pics:

I paper pieced the quilted effect on some plain canvas with assorted Prima papers, and stictched them on.  (It should be noted that all the while I had Rachel asking 'What are you doing?  What are you making?  Are you making an album? etc etc etc...'  Grrrr!)  Once I'd sewn the front and back together and turned it back in the right way, I popped some batting inbetween, and also some chipboard for reinforcing.  Then I glued the seam shut!  Ah the beauty of scrapbook sewing - it doesn't hae to be perfect, and if all else fails, glue it!  Then I decorated the front with Prima flowers, some lace, mini roses and leaves.  Ta-daaaa:

Sooo pretty.  And here's a shot of some of the siggys inside.  (There are a heap more on the back cover too)

...and last but not least, the flowers....  Very funky.  I highly recommend using Bloomers Florist on Sarah Street if you are a local.

Cute huh?  Gotta love that pink ;)  Right, lunch break is over, I'd best get my nose back to the grindstone...


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