Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WWW, Cookies and Lego...

Yes, I know, what a combination huh?!  All will soon be revealed...

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in
Well, it went really well this week (how's that for a whole lot of w's!!!!) - another 800gm loss, even after eating some of the birthday cake that I made my MIL at the weekend.  Today I reached (well passed actually) a milestone... to date, I have lost just over 5% of my original weight.  Wahoo!  Next week I am going to try and get past that 1kg barrier, maybe amp the exercise up to 3 or 4 times a week, rather than the usual twice a week of late.  Stay tuned...

I have had a real 'thing' about cookies lately - there are some fabulous blogs out there showcasing the talents of some very clever ladies.  Take a look at Bakerella here, and Bake at 350 here, and Mel's Sweet Treats here. They got me all inspired, and I had to have a go... After sifting through the millions of possible recipes available for your average rolled sugar cookie, I decided to give a recipe a go that Mel from Mel's Sweet Treats recommended....  

The first batch I made were for a Keas afternoon tea, with an orange theme (fundraising for Arthritis New Zealand).  Bear in mind that this is my first proper attempt at piping my own handmade royal icing.  Not the best, but I did get better as the day wore on!

Some of them were packaged up for each of the Kea leaders as an end of term present, and also for J's teacher, Miss F.

The second batch I made (the next day) were turned into cupcakes and butterflies.  Very pretty.  Although I need to remember to go a bit easier on the gel colouring, as the colour intensifies as the icing sets.  Oh well, we all wanted coloured teeth anyway, right?!  Ha ha ha.

I tried out a new technique called 'spotted icing' where you drop dots of an alternate coloured icing into your freshly poured icing, and it settles as a flat coloured 'spot' as it dries.  It worked really well.... until someone decided to poke it before it was set.  Hmmmm..... (not me, I might add)

'Oops' said he... closely followed by 'I didn't meeeean to'...!!! Grrrr.  Oh well, at least I know that the theory works, I'll just have to try it again another time.  Without a helper, maybe.  Perhaps some FORD cookies are in order for Bathurst next weekend?  Yeah!

J is still hugely into his Lego at the moment, making all sorts of weird and wonderful machines and monsters, that seem to make all sorts of weird and wonderful noises too, I might add!  Anyhoo, I was surfing blogs the other night (as you do) and came across this:

Sometimes Rich would stop by 6th Street on the way home to bust a move.
and these:

There’s a what behind me?
Sir Irwin marched off to battle while Roger stayed behind to charm the ladies.
The kitchen field trip was going splendidly when suddenly tragedy struck at the cheese grater.
These are CLASSIC!  Sadly I have to say that they really appeal to my sick sense of humour... Although I can't take any of the credit.  Click here to see more.  Funny guy - some truly hilarious shots :)

And on that note, I'm done.  Have a good rest of your week, peeps.  Might catch some of you at the Embellish It crop on Saturday...



Jenn from Ash said...

Well done on the weight loss. And the cookies - you are amazing, you say the icing got better as the day wore on - How many did you make? Will have to check out thosre sites for some school holidays activities.

mandyb said...

oh well done on the 5% loss!!! onto the next goal now!!! i am though wondering how you arent eating all those yummy cookies though!!! i have recipes for low point yummies if you want any...the 1 point brownies are the best!!!

as for the grater pic!!! that is just disturbing!!! lol

Green Thistle said...

well done you on the 5%. Way to go. As for the there anything you can't put your hand to????? They look soooo delicious.