Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Candy

Ok, here goes.  

I have been having a MASSIVE clear-out of my scrap stuff.  The first four people to post a comment choosing either 'eenie'  'meanie'  'miney'  or 'mo' will score some free stuff, freshly decommissioned from my scrap table.  To make this blatantly obvious, I have four piles labled 'eenie', 'meanie', 'miney' and 'mo' to give away.

Take it or leave it, the choice is yours.  No guarantees as to what you will get!  First in, best dressed.


topkatnz said...

einy ... LOL

Bridgette said...

and me being miney as i do not want to be a meanie lol.
thanks beck

Ana said...

Just fund your blog through a comment of a book review!!

I'll go with mo,

my contact:

Viv said...

That leaves miney! Yay!