Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over before it has begun?

Really, it is... well almost.  It feels like this week is already over before it has begun.  

It's Tuesday already.  Today I work until 5pm, then by the time we get tea out of the way and get a long-overdue tidy up done in my scrap area/dining room, that's today stuffed. 

Wednesday I finish early, J is having his friend Kaia come to play after school, and I have spot prizes and raffles to finish sorting out for Saturday.

Thursday I finish early, and after I pick up J from school I have a hair appointment, and more last minute sorting to be done for Saturday.

Friday I finish early again, and after I pick up J from school I have tables to decorate and lay out for the Breakfast.  Then we have a family tea out because Sarah's in town - yay!

Saturday, D Day.  Pink Ribbon Breakfast.  Am a little nervous about getting up and speaking now.  Oh well, needs must.  I DID volunteer after all.  Will spend a good part of the rest of the day hanging out with Sarah and the rest of the family.

Sunday - only day without plans at this stage!  Perhaps a day of rest and nana naps?  Although I have been invited to a Tupperware party that afternoon.....   

See?  The week IS over before it has begun, and there is a lot I haven't managed to squeeze in - like STUDY.  Aaarrrggghhh.  

Right - I'd better go get out of my dressing gown, and make lunches.  Have a nice day everyone (despite the horrendous weather out there).  Don't be surprised if you don't much from me this week, yeah?

Toodles, B x


topkatnz said...

omg ... that doesn't seem right ... I thought my week had just begun ... now you tell me it's over!! boohoo!! ... sounds like you have a super-busy week planned though ... hope the pink-ribbon thing goes well.

Bridgette said...

enjoy your Saturday goes well for you. Would love to go but as you are aware we are in Chch again this weekendwill be thinking of you and your speech

Viv said...

My working week is almost over for this week! Yay! All the best for Saturday.